CaseCentral’s Weekly ‘Case in Point’ eDiscovery Cartoon Series Celebrates Third Anniversary of Legal Humor


the leader in secure, cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporate

counsel and law firms to simplify eDiscovery, is celebrating the third

anniversary of its weekly eDiscovery cartoon series, Case

in Point, at the 2011 Association for Corporate Counsel (ACC)

Annual Meeting.

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Over the past three years, Case in Point has illustrated numerous

eDiscovery scenarios, from the comical to the serious. Case in Point has

grown to reach approximately 50,000 readers per week in nearly 100

countries/territories on 6 continents. In September, 2011, Case in Point

was featured in the book, “Visual

Marketing – 99 Proven Ways for Small Business to Market with Images and


In a recent article

in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Steve d’Alençon, chief

marketing officer of CaseCentral explained, “The ideas for cartoons come

from everyday news and events, from many funny people inside of

CaseCentral, from the cartoonist and from me, but most importantly, our

readers supply us with some fantastic ideas, for which they receive a

signed, framed copy of the final cartoon based upon their idea.”

Here is what some followers of the weekly cartoon had to say about.


in Point:

“Reading Case In Point each Monday!AnG6U1J2D-yzaylcmXc7c8XOA2w is a great start to the week,” said

Tom Gelbmann, managing director of Gelbmann

& Associates LLC and co-founder of the Electronic

Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project. “With all of the stresses

and strains of the week, it is a good reminder to have some fun along

the way.”

“It’s a necessity to have some intelligent levity in the high-stakes

legal world,” said Barry Murphy, co-founder of eDiscoveryJournal.

“CaseCentral’s Case in Point cartoon helps to put everything in

perspective. I look forward to seeing the new Case in Point every week.”

“Between caffeine, Prozac and Case in Point, the e-discovery set has

just enough tools to stave off the discovery blues,” quipped George

Socha Jr., Esq., founder of Socha Consulting, and co-founder of the Electronic

Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project.

“Just before gallows humor comes e-discovery humor,” said Katey Wood,

Analyst at Enterprise

Strategy Group (ESG). “With Case In Point, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry

and you’ll litigate.”

The top ten Case in Point cartoons over the past three years include:

1. Hold

Everything, 2009-Apr-20

2. Evolution

of E-Discovery, 2010-Mar-15

3. Dante’s

eDiscovery Inferno, 2009-May-4



on Trial, 2009-Apr-27

5. Social

Verdict, 2011-Sep-12

6. Head

in the Cloud, 2010-May-10

7. eDiscovery

Olympics, 2009-Jun-8

8. Lost

in Translation, 2010-Feb-15

9. The

Cloud, 2011-Feb-28

10. Courthouse

Rock, 2011-Jul-4

“Case in Point is a great example of the use of visual marketing

techniques, presenting simple, memorable and funny images to our

audience. The cartoons have been used extensively to illustrate key

points in presentations, lectures, newsletters, books and

conversations,” said d’Alençon. “The growth of Case in Point paints a

picture of a maturing eDiscovery market that increasingly involves

people from many different walks of life including educators, lawyers,

paralegals, IT staff, consultants, vendors, bloggers, authors and more.

We look forward to starting our fourth year of eDiscovery humor!”

New Case in Point eDiscovery cartoons are available weekly on Monday

morning at the following URL:

Case in Point readers and followers are encouraged to submit Case in

Point cartoon ideas for consideration at the following URL:

Readers who see their idea turned into a cartoon will receive a framed

print of the final cartoon signed by the artist, Tom Fishburne.

Case in Point Mobile is compatible with iPhones, Blackberries and

Android devices. To use Case in Point Mobile, point your mobile browser


For users of Safari (iPhone and iPad), select the “Add” button and then

“Add to Home Screen” to add a Case in Point icon to your home screen for

easy use.

Get your Case in Point Screen saver at:

Choose which screen saver you prefer. Screensavers are compatible with

all Windows® versions: 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Visit the Case

in Point Café to turn your favorite cartoons into keepsakes or gifts

for that special eDiscovery somebody.

About Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne is the cartoonist behind CaseCentral’s eDiscovery cartoon

series, Case in Point. He is the founder and chief cartoonist at Marketoonist,

creating cartoon-based marketing campaigns to help businesses

communicate. He has developed campaigns for Wall Street Journal Asia,

Unilever, Kronos, Epicurious, and others. He also inks a weekly

marketing cartoon, Brand

Camp, read by 50,000 business leaders every week. Find out more at

About CaseCentral

Founded in 1994, CaseCentral is the leader in secure, cloud-based

eDiscovery software for corporations and law firms to simplify

electronic discovery (e-Discovery) in response to litigation, regulatory

inquiries and internal investigations. CaseCentral enables repeatable,

defensible and measurable business processes that significantly reduce

eDiscovery risk, cost and time. The CaseCentral

eDiscovery Platform integrates early case assessment, processing,

analysis, review and production capabilities, enabling customers to

succeed with a single matter and seamlessly migrate to multi-matter,

multi-party, multi-repository support within the same software platform.

CaseCentral pioneered the use of process analytics, providing real-time

measurement of review rates, quality rates and costs per document – by

matter, firm or user. CaseCentral has served more than 32 of the Fortune

100 and more than 83 of the AmLaw 100. CaseCentral is a proud member of

the Cloud

Security Alliance (CSA). For more information, call 1.800.714.2727

or visit,

follow us on Twitter at

or read ‘Case in Point’ cartoons, the lighter side of eDiscovery, at:

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

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